April and May family pictures…

I know… we are in June but these still have to make it here in this bloggly blog of mine, they are our  memories too:)

So, we headed to the Safari Park in San Diego last April. It was a beautiful day and we had great company.

Safari Park

Serena was guiding us with the map

Lisa and I had a great time and some adult refreshments

We spotted some bats:)

Crystal Cove lunch with the in-laws

Maya and grandma enjoying lots of hugs

Skinny hamburgers… I like it!

Not so skinny milk shakes but I like them too

Lunch with a view

Laguna Beach

The dog was laying down like this for the longest time… enjoying sunny Laguna Beach

She loves taking pictures… I wonder why.

Maya and pompon watching the hummingbirds…

Maya’s lemonade stand

We have a cherry tree

C’mom Lola, say cheese!

Maya’s first time at the bowling alley. I’ve never seen her so concentrated

daddy telling her what to do

Go Maya go!

Sometimes, the ball would go so slow that she would sit down and watched it all the way to the end. Always cheering.

She took it so seriously. So cute to watch her that day!

Maya and Taylor playing outside

I hope you have a great weekend.

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